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Your easy entry into cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Consulting

While we have been working as experts in the cryptocurrency market since 2017, we have developed a special learning program with individual modules, which we use to guide you individually on an hourly basis to your desired level of knowledge.

Would you like to invest securely in bitcoin?

We advise you personally by passing on our knowledge to you so you could make a safe first investment. You are few hours away from your first trade! 

Would you like to use bitcoin as a method of payment in your business?

We are happy to offer you solutions on how you can accept Bitcoin as a mean of payment in your business. 

My Consulting Services

Individually tailored to your needs

And here's how you can easily learn about cryptocurrencies:

  1. call us for a free initial consultation
  2. you will receive an individual offer without obligation
  3. we arrange an appointment in my meeting rooms in Beirut or at your premises
advisory for cryptocurrencies

 Personalized service based on your level of knowledge.
 In one of our meeting rooms or at your premises, on an hourly basis.
 Only a smartphone or computer and an identification document needed.
 Get to know my consulting services now!


Several meeting rooms in Beirut

Or at your premises