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The learning programs are individually tailored to your needs and level of knowledge.

Topics around cryptocurrencies

Learn how to invest your capital safely and easily in cryptocurrencies*, such as Bitcoin, Altcoins (alternative coins) or tokens such as Ethereum, in just a few steps.

*no derivatives based on bitcoins

Get important information on how to choose the most secure storage option for your cryptocurrencies e.g. a hardware wallet and learn how to set it up and operate it.

Learn how to manage your capital independently even as a beginner.

Get useful knowledge about minimizing possible risks such as fraud, volatility or external access to your investments (including Bitcoins).

Get an overview of the different cryptocurrencies and their investment options, such as interest-bearing investments.

Learn how easy it is to receive and send Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies using the wallet.

In this topic, learn how to understand current market developments, identify correlations and evaluate the performance of individual cryptocurrencies.

To invest in cryptocurrencies, a look at fundamentally analyzed market data is beneficial. Get an overview of the different ways of obtaining data such as currency statistics, network activity, and market signals in this tutorial.

Learn how you can use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services as a consumer. As a merchant, get information on how to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Take a look at the peculiarities of the many national and international crypto exchanges where cryptocurrencies are traded. Get assistance in choosing the most suitable exchange for your purposes afterwards.

Gain insight into how cryptocurrencies are created and mined.

Take a look at the "cash book" of cryptocurrencies and learn what important information can be determined via the blockchain.

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